Can yoga help with digestive issues?

Wow, an amazing collaboration with my friend and fellow yogi, Ruth Clark! Ruth is a is a Registered Dietitian and Functional Nutritionist for over 40 years. Her specialty is hormone balance, curbing inflammation and improving gut health. We teamed up earlier this year to offer a 5 week series on Yoga and Nutrition for Healthy Digestion.

We think of digestion as starting in the stomach, but digestion is a complex interaction of various systems of the body that include your brain, mouth/teeth, stomach, gastrointestinal tract, also liver, pancreas, kidneys, and endocrine system. When one aspect of this network is not functioning properly, it can throw the whole digestive system out of balance as well as your immune and nervous systems. Pent up stress or emotions can also cause upset stomach, indigestion and contribute to digestive issues.

Key Concepts for Yoga and Digestion

Keep Abdomen, Diaphragm and Throat soft and relaxed

Leave 2-3 Hours between eating and practicing yoga

Practice with kindness to yourself and compassion, Be grateful for whatever your body does today

Reflect after doing giving your body and mind time to “digest” and absorb the effects of various poses. Notice what works well for your body today.

Try out one of our sequences below