"Yoga does not change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees." BKS Iyengar

What is Iyengar Yoga?


Iyengar Yoga is rooted in the eight limbs of Yoga as codified by the ancient Indian sage Patanjali. Postures or asana are practiced with awareness and alignment; developing strength, flexibility, balance, concentration and clarity. Props are often used to develop understanding, to deepen a pose or allow students to move closer to the final pose. The tradition and lineage in this method brings a depth of experience and teaching through BKS Iyengar’s children, Geeta (now deceased), Prashant and his grand-daughter, Abhijata Iyengar.

Characteristics of Iyengar Yoga

Instruction: Clear directions and demonstrations. Students learn poses and progress in a methodical way.

Sequencing: Students learn poses and basic principles one at a time in a safe, systematic way – within a class and from class to class.

Therapeutic Approach: Renowned for its therapeutic studies, using yoga postures to ease various ailments and stress. Certified teachers are trained to address problems with the knees, lower back, neck and shoulders, headaches, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression and more.

Props: Yoga is a practice for all. Students learn how to use yoga props such as belts and blocks to help you work with healthy alignment in the poses, and experience greater opening and ease.

Variety: Different yoga poses have various effects on the body and mind – forward bends lengthen the hamstrings and are more quieting on the mind, backbends open the chest and lungs and are more stimulating. Students are exposed to all categories of poses and progressively develop strength, flexibility, balance and awareness.

Teaching Excellence: Certified Iyengar teachers receive training and education that is measured in years, not hours. Instruction and training include detailed study of each pose and how to make verbal cues and physical corrections to meet the needs of each student. Certified Iyengar teachers must engage in continuing education, delving deeper in the study and practice of yoga.