Yoga when you need it most. AHA offers an ongoing schedule of classes each week delivered virtually through, a video conferencing software that is free and easy to download.

We focus on creating an environment to allow students to feel connected and build community. You will be able to see the teacher and other students and interact with them. Advance sign up is required and you will be sent a link prior to start of class.


Bobby Clennell – Asana to Awaken the Chakras

Friday, April 30 — Sunday, May 2

The Chakras: Ancient Vedic texts tell us that human life simultaneously exists in two parallel dimensions, the “physical body” and the “psychological, emotional, and mental bodies” — the “subtle body”. The subtle body is energy, while the physical body is mass, and they mutually effect each other. The subtle body consists of nadi (energy channels) connected by nodes of psychic energy called chakra.

In this workshop, we will learn about the different chakras and explore, through asana practice how to awaken and balance these powerful energy centers.

Patricia Walden Yoga for Depression – Part 2

Saturday & Sunday

July 10 & 11th

Details and Registration COMING SOON!

Sadhana Studies

Starts February 28th

Dates for Weekend Immersions (Sunday Afternoons, 1:00-4:30)
February 28, March 21, April 18, May 16, June 13

Sadhana is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as dedicated practice. This program provides a firm foundation for those interested in deepening their practice and understanding of Iyengar Yoga. The program is designed for those that regularly attend weekly classes and seek to establish a regular home practice, and expand their understanding.

It is a 5-month immersion designed to inspire students, to enhance their practice and understanding of the art, science, and philosophy of yoga in the Iyengar tradition.