Join me for this fun, interactive short series. Each day, we’ll explore a single pose and learn how to make a difficult pose more accessible, modifications for minor injuries and identify related poses to explore further.

You’ll be able to submit questions in advance and request particular poses.

New Series begins July 13 – 16th Following Series July 20 – 23rd



Yoga when you need it most. AHA will offer a modified schedule of classes each week – for the next month (or more) – delivered virtually through, a video conferencing software that is free and easy to download.

Our online class format is simplified with less props and poses. We will be focusing on creating an environment to allow students to feel connected, to build immunity, and to refresh themselves in a time of uncertainty.

You will be able to see the teacher and other students and interact with them. Advance sign up is required and you will be sent a link 20 minutes prior to start of class to open the door to your home practice.