Tips and Tricks for Developing a Home Practice

Consider that you can commit to little as five minutes a day. The highest form of discipline is consistency: powerful transformation can come from regularity.”
Judith Hanson Lasater

One of the powerful aspects about Yoga Camp is the regularity of practice.  5 Consecutive Days to Jump-start a regular routine.  A home practice does not have to be long to be effective, it does not have to be complicated to be transformative. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to getting started:

  • Have a dedicated practice space – BKS Iyengar often said the hardest part of practice is rolling out you mat.
  • Practice at the same time – this way you begin to build this into your routine.
  • Commit to 3 poses – One pose you LOVE, one you LOATHE and one inversion.  This is the basics.  We can usually find time for 3 poses and often those 3 inspire you to do more!
  • OR Try out a proven sequence.  I adapted this from senior teacher Eyal Shifroni – Short practice sequence.  Remember, consistency is the key.  You will get more from a regular routine.
  • Have a inspirational quote on your wall
  • Listen to your body – remember part of yoga is developing a relationship with your body.  Ask yourself frequently, how does this feel?  
  • Download and print this handout on Home Practice Tips –  

I’d love to hear if this is helpful and about your home practice- post share your comments or questions!