Attend 1 Week or Both!

Join the summer fun! This Yoga Camp is an opportunity for adults to reconnect with their youthful energy and practice yoga daily from 7:00 -8:00 am, Monday-Friday. Find out how a regular, daily practice of yoga energizes you for the rest of your day so you can enjoy all the summer activities you love. As a result, you build strength, increase flexibility, alleviate discomfort and create peace of mind.

Experience the power of daily practice and consequently use that momentum to begin to incorporate yoga into a home routine. Moderately paced class open to beginners and experienced students.You will learn how to practice safely for your unique body and get insights for getting started with a regular routine. Attend one week or both. Above all, this is a fairly simple way to implement HUGE changes in your life. Let’s join together and practice! 

Pricing: 1-Week – $65 Both Weeks- $120