Yoga Camp is a 5-day consecutive early morning practice. This practice is for you if you:

  • Feel stuck
  • Need something to aspire towards
  • Are curious about how to get started with a regular practice routine
  • Want to learn something new about yourself
  • Ready to take your practice to a new level

Our theme for the first week of Yoga Camp is from Yoga Sutra II.I. This sutra identifies three elements of Kriya-yoga – the yoga of being in this world, the yoga of work/action. These three aspects of kriya-yoga include:

Tapas – taking on a personal challenge
Svadyaya – in order to learn something about yourself
Isvara pranidhana – and move closer towards an aspiration

The combination of these three aspects are part of what makes yoga different than other forms of exercise. Through the commitment of a 5 day, early morning practice – getting up, out of bed and to the studio for a one hour asana class, by taking on that challenge, you learn something about YOU. That journey paired with self-reflection cultivates a connection with a deeper sense of yourself and in turn prepares the ground-work for answering the question, “What would be most meaningful to me? What is it that I aspire most towards?”

Each morning we’ll begin with a short reflection and will include questions/reflections for you to consider during the day. This is a simple way to affect positive change in your life.

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