You – a regular student with a committed practice.  AUTO-Renew options offer the convenience of automatic renewal when your passes have been used or in a 2-month time period.

You CHOOSE what option works best for you!

3 -renewal commitment that continues until you cancel it with 2 weeks notification.


Do I have to start at the beginning of a month or session?  No – You can enroll in AUTO-renew at any time of your convenience.

Are there other fees?  Nope.

What if I decide to cancel? After the initial 3 time commitment, you can cancel your membership at any time with 2 weeks advance written notification.

How do I sign up? 

Refund and other Policies

It is our policy to allow refunds due to family emergency or unforeseen health issues. If you need to early cancel your AUTO-Renew for other reasons, you will be responsible for a $45 processing fee.

Other Questions?  Email Kerry at