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Class Descriptions

Welcome to AHA Yoga! We offer a full schedule of classes seven days a week for all levels of practitioner. You may join at any time.

Visit our pricing page for details and pricing options for our ongoing classes.

Please arrive 15 minutes before class time for your first class so you may get acquainted with the instructor. Please wear shorts and t-shirt or tank top. Mats and props are provided, so no need to bring your own.


For students who would prefer a more slowly paced, less rigorous class, and those who have a particular limitation. Focus on alignment and prevention of injuries using introductory poses with support as needed.

Level 1

Level 1 is an ongoing class for students with a basic understanding of the “asanas”(postures) and includes standing, seated and twisting poses with an introduction to inversions and backbends. In this class, students build their strength and stamina, expand their repertoire of yoga poses and are introduced to yoga philosophy.

Level 1 & 2 

This class is designed for students of all levels.  Modifications will be offered for those newer to practice and next steps introduced as appropriate.

Continuing/Level 2

For students who have a solid understanding and regular practice of the foundational poses from previous levels who feel comfortable holding poses longer, refining them, and progressing to a wider range of poses including inversions and backbends. Classes continue to build stability and mobility using foundational poses while introducing intermediate level poses including inversion variations, backbends, and arm balances.


Gentle stretching, strengthening and relaxation for all three trimesters. Learn poses that will support you and your baby for a healthy pregnancy.

Core Strength through Yoga

Core strength can help with back pain, improve your posture and increase stability and balance.  You will learn key actions to strengthen your core muscles as we explore a variety of yoga postures.



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