“If we Pause and breathe in and out, then we can have the experience of timeless presence, of the inexpressible wisdom and goodness …

Pema Chodron

At Home Reading

Throughout your day you can pause, take a break from your usual thoughts, and wake up to the magic and vastness of the world around you.

Pema Chödrön says this easy and spacious type of mindfulness practice is the most important thing we can do with our lives. Read the article here.

Breath Awareness – Becoming Aware of Space

Between each inhalation and exhalation, we experience the cessation of breath for a split second. Without this gap, we cannot inhale or exhale. Sit quietly for a few breaths, observing the natural flow of your breath and the momentary gaps between.

Be equally with the movements of the breath and stillness in between.

At Home Listening – Podcast

This week’s At Home Listening can be enjoyed as a Podcast – break free from your computer – listen anywhere – outside on a walk, enjoying a cup of tea, washing the dishes or folding laundry!

In the talk, Elizabeth Gilbert shares a few strategies for working with feelings of uncertainty – write down a few that you notice to share at our next conversation. I love her practice of writing a letter to herself to help calm and guide her when facing difficult questions. Which ones speak to you? What are small practices that you bring to the table to calm yourself?

For Further Reading

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